Parc Agrari del Baix Llobregat

El Prat is called “the fields of Barcelona” and it is not a lie! “El Parc Argrari located in our town is a place where apart from seeing how the seasonal produce is grown you can also enjoy a formidable walk surrounded by nature.

The fertile lands of the Llobregat Delta have been cultivated in the agrarian park for years. Thanks to some lands rich in sediments contributed by the Llobregat river and above all, the water.

Season products growing on “El Parc Agrari”


The discovery of the Delta’s groundwater has favored orchard agriculture. With crops that have become icons of the municipality of El Prat such as the Artichoke of El Prat and the Melon.

Artichokes fields

Melons growing at “El Parc Agrari”


Diverse farming families continue to work the lands that surround the city and you can buy their seasonal products in the different shops and also in the Mercat de Pagès (Farmers Market) that is held every Saturday morning in the Plaza de Pau Casals, very close to Mucha Masía.

Saturday at “El Mercat del Pagès”

If you come in the artichoke growing season from Prat, from November to April, do not hesitate to try it made in multiple ways by local chefs.

Artichokes with ham

Stuffed artichokes

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