The Artichoke, the queen of the fields

The Artichoke is a vegetable known throughout the world. It is a seasonal product, from November to April, which contains many properties. Right now, the end of August, the artichoke plants that will bear the fruits of this season are beginning to germinate. In El Prat we have Carxofa Prat, the queen of our orchards. And from November, get ready to eat it.

Alcachofa del Prat germinando

Prat artichoke germinating

The Carxofa Prat, our Artichoke

To learn a little more about the flagship product, we talk to Xavi Oliva, a farmer at Prat de Llobregat. He cultivates the land and his partner, Andrea, sells the products they harvest in their fields. The store is called El Rebost del Pagès. Xavi tells us “the agricultural tradition of Prat is marked from the middle of the fourteenth century, when our town was created. We are in the middle of a fertile delta, thanks to the sediments provided by the Llobregat River, and the underground aquifer. Thanks to the quality from this fertile soil, vegetables acquire a special flavor. The Artichoke of Prat, which comes from Tudela, becomes unique when grown in our delta. ”

This vegetable, over the years, has become one of the symbols of our people. And around it many activities are held throughout the year. We are also friends of the countrymen of La Masía, and El Pagès. They all cultivate their land and fight to sell their products at the right price.


Carxofa Prat, how to prepare it

Cooking and preparing a good dish with Carxofa Prat is quite easy. Therefore, we want to remind you what we publish in this article. You will find three recipes to cook the artichoke and that you can prepare in MuchaMasia. You already know that in the Rural Urbà Hostel you can cook the products you buy in an equipped kitchen.

Where to eat Carxofa Prat?

In the middle of the season, you can eat Artichoke in any restaurant of the Prat. We leave you some recommendations, among many of those in our town.

La Castellana It is the best tapas bar in Prat. If you want to try white potatoes, squid, fried artichoke or a good ham, you have to go to the Castellana. Surely you will have to wait to have a table, but you will be delighted.

La Castellana is at C / Passatge Arús, 18

La Lluna en un Cove. Rosa Farrés is the chef of one of the most elegant restaurants in Prat. More than fifteen years of gastronomic tradition where you can eat Artichoke of the Prat and chicken of the Prat breed. It prepares it in a strudel that is to suck your fingers. For dinner with discretion, this is your place.

La Lluna en un cove is at C / Frederic Soler, 48

Cèntric Gastrobar. The gastrobar offers you the option of sitting down to eat a good artichoke risotto or cover vegetables from Parc Agrari. You can try the confit of Potablava, chosen Catalan favorite dish this year 2018.

Cèntric Gastrobar is in Plaza Catalunya s / n

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