about us


We are two young entrepreneurs from EL Prat who are looking to turn their dreams into reality. We are excited to have the opportunity to do what we love, offering a unique experience to all our visitors and to our hometown. After many years of travelling to the many corners of the world, we believe it’s the right time to go forward and set up our own hostel and we are delighted to be doing it in our own neighbourhood, a place steeped in history.

We are 3 members giving life to MuchaMasia.

Jordi Corpa

Jordi is is from Prat de Llobregat . He has been mainly dedicated to the services and education sector. He is a lover of change and has shown it: every year, a new adventure. One year he works as a waiter; another does it as an English monitor or swimming instructor. He has spent two years traveling around the world. He has lived on the beach, on the mountain and in the heart of a big city.

But what is true is that Jordi has always pursued a dream: to set up a rural farmhouse as a center for accommodation and activities.

His dream, his experience and his union with Enric Selfa, transforms the dream into reality.

Now Jordi is the owner of MuchaMasia and also acts as receptionist, accountant, event creator, commercial image and general supervision of the hostel.

The dreamer, the poet, the total traveler.

Enric Selfa

Enric Selfa is from El Prat de Llobregat too. He speaks Catalan, Spanish and English. Enric is the restless man of MuchaMasia. On his previous jobs, Enric has worked in logistics in the fashion and metallurgical sectors. He has always tried to find an escape to find his way and become an entrepreneur. So, his desire to start a new adventure as an entrepreneur and his passion for travel join in MuchaMasia.

Enric got his goals: to start his business in a sector that he always loved from the other side, that of the traveler.

Now Enric is a partner and owner of MuchaMasia. He takes care of the reception, administration and maintenance and supervises the hostel and its proper functioning.

Enric is a longtime friend of Javi and Jordi.

Work, perseverance, good people.

Javier Corpa

Javi Corpa  is also from El Prat. He is the street kid, dedicated to logistics work, although in recent years he has opted for education and travel. Javi had the experience of living in Ireland.

He comes to MuchaMasia because he was always part of it. Because he loves meeting new people and exchanging knowledge to continue growing and developing his skills.

Javi is the Receptionist, is the brain of our social networks and updates our website.

Brother of Jordi Corpa and longtime friend of Enric selfa.

The moment, the ingenuity, the social one.


“More than just a hostel”

Our name is Mucha Masia and it’s been chosen so that people can feel that it’s more than just a hostel. It’s where travellers can enjoy the surroundings and the activities we have to offer.

Mucha Masia offers a welcoming accommodation in El Prat blending the spirit of two experienced travellers with the extraordinary experience of staying in an 18th Century country house just 15 minutes from the city centre. We consider our guests as our own and we hope to have direct contact with the guests that stay here.

Our intention at Mucha Masia is to provide our guests with a unique stay.


Our individual experience of traveling and working has led us to create an innovative concept that hopes to integrate travellers with the city and its natural surroundings, with local gastronomy and cultural activities. El Prat is a credit to Mucha Masia and it directly identifies with its town. It unites the present with the past as well as combining nature with the city.