These days we will know a little more the Staff of Mucha Masia. As we said, each of us has a story and a way of life. Today we are going to meet Javi Corpa.

Who is Javi Corpa?

Javi Corpa is 32 years old. It is also from El Prat. He is the street kid, he has been dedicated to logistics work, although in the last years he opted more for education and travel. Javi had the experience of living in Ireland.

He comes to MuchaMasia because he was always part of it. Because he loves meeting new people and exchanging knowledge to improve himself and developing his skills.

Javi is the Receptionist, is the brain of our social networks and updates our website.

Brother of Jordi Corpa and longtime friend of Enric selfa.

Why am I here?

Once you visit MuchaMasia you know the answer…

One day, while I was living in Dublin, I received a call from my brother asking me if I wanted to be part of this adventure. This project was his dream and he wanted me to be one more piece of it. What do you think I answered? Well, to be fair, I first asked if it was a rhetorical question or a joke… There was no need to ask it, it was a clear “Yes”.

In addition, MuchaMasia unites some of the things that make me happy. I love to travel and get lost in places I have never been, to meet people and above all to listen. MuchaMasia gives me the opportunity to learn new things and know people…It’s like traveling without leaving home

Being here gives me the chance to grow on a personal level, practicing my English and knowing other cultures. Professionally, it lets me work in a sector in which I had not worked before and I am learning everyday.

What do I do in MuchaMasia?

In MuchaMasia I dedicate most of my day to the reception. As a member of the Staff, I make all the publications of the social networks (instagram and facebook). Together with José David Muñoz and Juan Marin I’m in charge of the website, updating, design and uploading content. And one of the things that I also do and I really love, is to meet people and have fun. Coming to work at MuchaMasia is a pleasure more than an obligation.

Three essential places in your life

“La Torre” It is the family house and belongs to my uncles, where the family has always met. There we have met with my cousins, my uncles, my parents, my brother … and it is the place that I identify with the feeling of joy. There I learned many of the values that have brought me here.


“Cremona Road” Ballyfermot Dublin, is the place where I stopped by chance… or maybe not, because everything happens for a reason. But in the end it was my house when I started to follow one of my dreams: live abroad to meet people and improve my English. And Cremona Road is what comes to my mind when someone tells me that they want to do something, but they are afraid. The translation I give would be something like “Do it, your place is where your dreams are”


“El Prat beach” As Serrat says “I was born in the Mediterranean” It is my spiritual retreat, the place where I can go to enjoy a party, play some passes or play a “futvolei” with friends. And this place I’ll call it “The meeting point”. It is there where I disconnect and I find myself, where I can meet with colleagues, or where I can do something as simple as connect with life.

An unforgettable trip

Amsterdam 04 ‘. I had never taken a plane, I had never traveled alone, I was 18 years old and I was dying to travel. One day, being at home, I took a backpack, I filled it and told my mother: “I’m going to the airport, tonight I’m calling you but I do not know from where”. I arrived at the airport and I chose three destinations that flew that same afternoon and I opted for Amsterdam, I bought the ticket, a pen and a notebook to write about the trip. And so the adventure began. Then, 5 days alone, everything to decide, nothing planned, the world and me, nothing more and nothing less.

A trip to forget

No trip can be forgotten. I am one of those who believe that every journey gives you something and the truth is that I have very few or any negative anecdotes of a trip.

Sea or mountain?

The sea near the mountain, a cove you can reach it through a forest. I love to bathe in a river in the middle of the mountain, as well as to do it in a lost cove on an island


My favorite dish

Pizza or my mom’s fricandó.

A movie

Nine Queens of Ricardo Darin

A song

Mediterráneo de Serrat, because I was born near the sea, or La Mano de Dios, del Potro Rodrigo for what it represents in my family.

What would you recommend to all visitors to MuchaMasia?

Bring a good backpack, because surely they will need it to put all the good experiences they will live here. Once in MuchaMasia, enjoy the place, feel it as yours. Go to see a sunset at the beach or wake up early and take a bath when the sun is rising. Get lost in the town and enjoy something to eat in one of the many places you can find in El Prat, we have a great gastronomy.

And above all, come wanting to discover new places because here there are many and very magical.

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