4 seasonal products directly from the field nearby Mucha Masia

In MuchaMasia we have spoken many times about the importance of proximity and seasonal products. We are fortunate to live in El Prat de Llobregat, right in the heart of an agricultural park in which products of local flavor are grown. It is a luxury to be able, just a few kilometers from Barcelona, ​​to have an agricultural space like this one. Taking advantage of the richness of the soils of the Delta del Llobregat, farmers continue to till this fertile land. Some lands that provide seasonal products such as melon del Prat, aubergine, tomato or mirabulá in summer. Or broccoli and artichoke Prat, in the coldest months. In this article we recommend what seasonal products are the best of this time and how you can get them.


Seasonal vegetables: Eggplant

All the products that we are going to explain you can buy them in El Mercat de Pagès every Saturday, and also in stores like El Rebost del Pagès, El Pagès de l’Avinguda or La Masia del Prat, who are farmers who sell their own harvest. Let’s start with the eggplant. Maybe it is the one that has a longer season, always related to the heat. It is one of the most emblematic vegetables of the Mediterranean culture and that is why it is one of the symbols of our gastronomy. Eggplant can be cooked and prepared in many ways. From cooking directly skimmed in the pan, to being baked to make the famous escalivada, or prepare stuffed with meat, vegetables and gratin with cheese.

Tomato grows with the sun

The summer vegetable par excellence in the Baix Llobregat is the tomato. And the homegrown tomato, cultivated in the saline lands and near the sea of ​​the Delta del Llobregat, have a unique flavor. As we have the farmers next to home, the tomatoes can be eaten freshly picked, at their optimum point. The red tomato has a tomato flavor of always. We buy them at the “Mercat de Pagès“. We also leave you our kitchen so you can prepare the food you buy as you want.

The tomato can be prepared in many ways. Fresh in a salad, prepare a gazpacho, sauteed with garlic and parsley or in a fresh juice. We, in a quintotapa that we celebrate in our house, prepare it directly with garlic, and it tasted great. The key is that the product is good, seasonal and proximity.


The king of seasonal products: the Melon del Prat

We can not hide it. Our favorite seasonal product is the melon del Prat. Maybe because the melon has become a symbol of our town with the artichoke. Melons del Prat have been cultivating for years and being recognized for their taste throughout Barcelona. The salinity of the Delta del Llobregat makes Prat melons unique, with incomparable taste. The Melons in El Prat are grown from July to September, and is undoubtedly the king of summer.

Melons are very well eaten to quench thirst. They can also be prepared as a starter accompanied by Serrano ham or also in a cold soup. If you come to MuchaMasia in August, maybe the best memory you can take from El Prat is a melon.



The Mirabulá, or mirabolant, or mirobolano, is the surprise of seasonal products. It is about small plums, which come from the Garden Plum or Mirobolano. In El Prat we know him as mirabolant, and in more popular language as maribulan. It is an extremely sweet plum, which usually grows wild in plums. The mirabulanes are eaten fresh and are also used for jams and ice cream. The mirabulá season lasts just the months of June and July, so you have to take advantage of its moment. You will not regret.

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