More Practical and Less Polluting: How to Use Public Transport in Barcelona

As you know, at Mucha Masia we are committed to the environment. That is why we are dedicating this blog entry to explaining how to use public transport in Barcelona. Using this type of transport is one of the best ways to preserve our planet.

Types of Tickets

Let’s start with the different types of passes you can find. The list is long, so we are going to select the ones we think will be most useful for you.

Hola Barcelona Travel Card: This personal pass is the best option for tourists since it includes unlimited travel for two, three, four, or five consecutive days. It also includes travel to and from the airport. Price: from 17.50 to 40.80 euros.

T-casual: This is a personal pass for 10 trips to travel on any of the metropolitan transport. Price: 12.15 euros.

T-familiar: This is a multipersonal pass (it can be used by several people) and includes eight trips to be made within 30 days from validation. Price: 10.70 euros.

Single-use tickets: A single ticket costs 2.55 euros and works on the entire metropolitan transport network except at the Barcelona airport metro stops. If you want to use these stops, you need to buy an airport ticket, which costs 5.50 euros.

Types of Transport

Now let’s talk about the three main types of transport you can use with these tickets.

Metro: The best option to move from one place to another. Barcelona has an extensive metro network consisting of eight lines and more than 160 stops. El Prat, where we are located (the closest stop to Mucha Masia is El Prat Estació), is connected to the city through the L9 Sud. The last service during the week is at 00:00, on Friday nights it runs until 2:00, and on Saturdays, the service is uninterrupted.

Train: An option to consider to get to the centre of Barcelona (Passeig de Gràcia) in about half an hour, although the frequency is not always desirable, and the travel time can even double. The Prat train station is in the same place as the metro stop. The service is interrupted during the night, so we recommend planning your return trip.

Bus: It is not our favourite option because it has more emissions than the metro and train. Barcelona also has an extensive bus network (it has more than 100 lines). The ones connecting El Prat with Barcelona are 65 and 165 (Plaza España) and 21 (Drassanes). At night, you can use the night lines.


And let’s finish with some tips.

Hola Barcelona App: Download this mobile app to buy your tickets and plan your routes.

Watch your belongings: Barcelona is a safe city, but like any large metropolis, when travelling on public transport, stay alert and never lose sight of your belongings.

Contact customer service for any unforeseen events: If you have any mishap during your public transport journeys, contact customer service to find the best solution.

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