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These are the Parc Agrari products you can’t miss in May

May marks the beginning of the season for many of the Parc Agrari products that will fill market stalls during the summer. At Mucha Masia, in line with our commitment to sustainability, we’ve always championed locally grown foods from the Parc Agrari. These are zero-kilometre products whose consumption promotes food sovereignty, essential for combating climate change.

In this blog post, we recommend some of the seasonal products from the Parc Agrari that you must try in May, suggest some recipes, and provide a list of places where you can buy them and restaurants where you can enjoy them.


Aubergine is one of those foods whose season begins in May. White, black, striped, there are many types, but they all have something in common: their quality and exquisite taste. We love them stuffed, a recipe that allows you to combine them with other products from the Parc Agrari such as onions, tomatoes, or carrots.


Courgette, like aubergine, also starts its season in May. Because of its flavour, it lends itself to all imaginable combinations (meats, cheeses, fish…) and any method of preparation (grilled, raw, battered…). We suggest combining it with potatoes, another seasonal product, in a cold courgette cream.

Swiss chard

Swiss chard is a Parc Agrari product available all year round. Its nutritional value and versatility in the kitchen make it an exceptional food. Who wouldn’t fancy a Swiss chard omelette for dinner? And if it’s made with eggs from Pota Blava, the unique free-range hen from el Prat de Llobregat, even better.

Seasonal fruits

In May, apricots, cherries, strawberries, pears, and peaches delight fruit lovers. Why not combine them all in a tasty fruit salad?

Where to buy them

Undoubtedly, the Pagès Market in el Prat de Llobregat is the ideal place to buy Parc Agrari seasonal products. You’ll find it on Saturday mornings at Pau Casals Square.

You can also find them at the municipal market in Vila Square the rest of the week, except Sundays when the market is closed.

Where to eat them

In el Prat de Llobregat, where we are located, many restaurants incorporate Parc Agrari products into their dishes. Cèntric Gastrobar, Restaurant Catalunya i Aragó, and Viva (vegetarian cuisine) are some of them. Discover the rest on this website.

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