Tapas in El Prat

If you come to our hostel from another country, surely you want to go for tapas, that way so ours to enjoy a good time with family or friends. From MuchaMasia we suggest you several places in El Prat to enjoy tapas, those dishes that are to share and combined with a good beer are one of the greatest pleasures. Do not stay hungry and come for tapas in El Prat.

Vegan Tapas, VIVA El Prat

We start our tapas tour of El Prat with a proposal suitable for everyone: vegan tapas at VIVA El Prat. The friends of VIVA are located near the beach road and offer only vegan dishes in their repertoire. The farmer Xavi Oliva of El Rebost del Pagès feeds him with products from the Parc Agrari, so everything tastes even better. Tomatoes, potatoes, artichokes… There are delicious things like the artichoke burger or the calçots dumplings. If you can, don’t miss it.

Tapas on the terrace of L’Artesà

Few places in El Prat have the charm and tradition of the Cafè de L’Artesà. It is a centenary establishment that has a huge terrace where it is great all year round. And this is where you can eat some delicious tapas. You can eat their patatas bravas, calamari or croquettes. But in L’Artesà they also have a tapa that you can’t find in other places: the snails in gormanda style. Enjoy all this space because it is worth it.

La Terraza

La Terraza is also known as the Bar de Jeros. It is located near an industrial park but it has charisma and is always full for lunch and dinner. Finding a table on the weekend is very complicated. And people also come here for its bravas, considered one of the best in the city and heirs of the legendary bar Valero. And it also takes great care of the fried food served in this establishment that has a huge terrace for tapas.

El Cortijo

It will not be because of mythical names. We close our route of tapas for El Prat in El Cortijo. Founded in the 70s, El Cortijo has maintained the essence since its foundation: good tapas, good portions and better ham. And so it continues, with a menu of tapas where there is no shortage of bravas or tallarinas and here they add Iberian ham as a tapa, because it is one of the emblems of the house. It has a terrace in the park across the street or you can eat inside, cool in the air-conditioned premises.

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