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El Prat, a town that will surprise you

That we are in love with Prat de Llobregat, you already know that. El Prat has a charm that makes it unique. A few minutes from the center of Barcelona, ​​with an airport and a port in its territory, a spectacular beach and a natural environment of high ecological value. And if we add how well the products are grown by the farmers of the town and the cultural offer, we have an incomparable result.

A friendly city where everything is close

First of all, you will have to know that the terrain of El Prat de Llobregat is flat. And that favors that we all move on foot or by bicycle to go from one place to another. The urban area of ​​the city is very compact and you can get anywhere in ten minutes.

MuchaMasia is in the old town, in a very quiet and pedestrian area. Nearby you will find the Plaza de la Vila, where the town hall and several terraces are. Calle Ferran Puig, or Calle Mayor as we all know it, ends at the main axis of the city, Avenida de la Virgen de Montserrat. At one end you will find Parc Nou, the largest metropolitan park in Barcelona, ​​and at the other, Parque del Río. a green space on the banks of the Llobregat.


Proximity agriculture, quality gastronomy

Firstly, you may know that El Prat is surrounded by cultivation areas. For years, our territory has been recognized as the garden of Barcelona. Even today, despite the siege of infrastructure, farmers continue to cultivate the land. And they do it to harvest one of the wonders of El Prat: the Carxofa. This vegetable becomes the protagonist from November to April. In addition to the artichoke, the seasonal vegetables from the Parc Agrari set the eating rhythm of the people from Prata.

Artichoke´s fields, Parc Agrari

But if one element manages to stand out above all it is that of the indigenous chicken of the Prat breed. This chicken, known for its slate blue legs, has become the symbol of the city. The people of El Prat are known as potablaves. This chicken has the protected geographical indication (PGI) and its meat is the object of desire of gourmets. Its production is limited and it still grows in many farmhouses in the territory.

Alojate en MuchaMasia en la Fira aVicola del Prat

Potablava, autochthonous race

And these products of proximity so exquisite and select have their reflection in the hospitality industry. Eating well in El Prat is almost certain. All restaurateurs take care of the product and prepare elaborations with the products of the land. You can try the Potablava cooked in many ways, like the artichokes. There is also no shortage of tapas bars with their bravas, squid or pinchitos, as well as places specialized in pizzas or Japanese food.

Beach: a paradise next to Barcelona

Until recently, Playa del Prat has been one of the black spots on the Barcelona coastline. With the environmental improvements brought about by the new wastewater treatment plant, the quality of the water has been improving. In addition, its proximity to the airport has prevented it from having buildings on the coast, which has practically left a virgin beach. We could say that it is one of the few virgin beaches on the Barcelona coast.

El Prat Beach

Surfing at El Prat Beach

At Playa del Prat you will find the possibility of sailing and water sports, lying in the sun, bathing or having a drink at any of the beach bars. If you like animals, we recommend that you also visit CRAM, the Marine Animal Recovery Center.

Sailing at El Prat Beach (Club de Vela)

And the best thing is that you can get to the beach by bike after a nice walk through the fields.


The heart of the Llobregat Delta

One of the treasures of the municipality of El Prat is that of having protected natural areas. El Delta del Llobregat is one of the main areas of passage for migratory birds. Wetlands, ponds and the river are home to a wide variety of bird species and other animals as well.

Natural reserve: “El Delta del Llobregat”

During the spring and autumn migration steps, ornithologists have their meeting point here. Ducks, waders, small birds and seagulls are common in the area. And surely you will also see flamingos, more and more in the Delta.


Popular and urban culture

Certainly, you will not get bored at El Prat. The cultural programming of the city is very wide. Concert halls like La Capsa always schedule concerts of interest. The Theater is the protagonist with the new Teatre L’Artesà. And of course, we recommend that you visit the Capri Cinema. An old-fashioned cinema, with its wide patio of seats and a huge screen, where all of us from El Prat go to see the movie premieres.

Sant Pollin


Popular Culture participates in the associative life of the city. Frequently, the city’s popular culture entities program cultural activities. Diables del Prat, Gegants del Prat, Amics de la Sardana, Picacrestes, Castellers del Prat, Gegants del Delta, Ball de Diables and Ball de bastons weave various proposals with traditional culture. In other words,  Festivals such as the Pratifolk, the Festa Major and many more mobilize many “Pratenses”.

“Gegants” Popular culture

As you can see, El Prat de Llobregat is very cool to us. And we want you to meet them.



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