Moving in public transport is easy

Almost all travelers, who come to MuchaMasia, move on public transport. Today we want to tell you how you can get MuchaMasia in different means of transport. We are going to explain you about prices for routes, schedules and how to avoid shocks to the rates.

El Prat de Llobregat, where we are located,is well connected by public transport. Many of you arrive at late night and you take a taxi. A taxi from El Prat Airport to MuchaMasia should not cost more than 25 euros. Everything depend on the amount of luggage that is burden and night supplements. If the price rises more than 30 euros, warn the driver, maybe you have not chosen the best route

if you have any questions about the price of a taxi, we recommend you to visit this site,the official taxi drivers, so do not take a fright when pay. In this application, you will know, always approximately, how much it will cost your  journey.

By train, bus and metro

MuchaMasia is well connected with Barcelona and the airport. Buy a T10 for 9.95 euros, ten trips card, and enjoy Barcelona and surroundings. The easiest way to the center of Barcelona is by train. The station is just 5 minutes walk. From El Prat de Llobregat, the train drops you off at Sants, Barcelona Central Station and Passeig de Gracia. Once there, the Pedrera, Casa Mila and the center of Barcelona, are at your feet. You have all schedules of trains in RenfeRodalies. The train also leave you directly at Terminal 2 of the airport.

Metro Line 9 connects El Prat de Llobregat Airport (You’ll have to buy the airport ticket which is 4.50€) and also with Barcelona. Line 9 is ideal for making changes to other lines of Barcelona or to go directly to Camp Nou, the stadium of Futbol Club Barcelona. Moving in metro is easy and simple.


And we have buses as well. Every day many lines connect El Prat to Barcelona, Sant Boi, L’Hospitalet and also the beach. The bus is a great solution for night owls. Those who like enjoying the night, the Nit Bus is your ally. It is the best way to reach MuchaMasia from the center of Barcelona late in the morning. You can also use the T-10, and will leave about 10 minutes walk to Mucha Masia. Lines 65, 165, L10, L78 and N16 and N17 night buses are passing near MuchaMasia.

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