Delta del Llobregat

Mucha Masía is in the center of Prat de Llobregat, the most important urban nucleus of “El Delta del Llobregat”. El Prat is surrounded by an incomparable natural environment throughout the Barcelona Metropolitan area: the Nature Reserves of the Delta del Llobregat.

Delta del Llobregat Natural Reserva

El Delta del Llobregat

El Delta del Llobregat Nature Reserve

We are talking about a protected space formed by various wetland systems that has become a sanctuary for migratory birds. In the Natural reserve of the Llobregat River. As in the area of ​​the Remolar Pond, more than 200 different species of birds have been counted. Among the common birds that we can observe are all kinds of ducks, coots, seagulls, cormorants and also birds of prey such as the eagles.

Birdwatcher taking photos by the river

Delta del Llobregat lake’s viewponit

Both in Mucha Masía and in La Porta del Delta, we have information so that you can enjoy the natural environment of the Delta del Llobregat in a sustainable and healthy way, and get to know the fauna treasures of the Barcelona metropolitan area.

Llobregat river Natural reserve

Natural Spaces of the Llobregat River

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