Five ways to change the world by traveling

Travel has to be increasingly sustainable. The ecological footprint that we provoke traveling by plane, consuming a certain product or using plastics are mistreating our planet. From MuchaMasia we believe in the philosophy of being able to change the world from travel. The knowledge of the place visited, its customs and its people can help us to be more respectful of the environment. And all this adds up to be able to change the world in the way we like the most, traveling.

Ways to change the world:

1.- Purchase in local commerce

Some time ago the slogan became fashionable: Think globally, act locally. And so we believe we must act. The first proposal to change the world is to buy in local commerce. We have highlighted it many times in our blog, but it is essential to consume seasonal and local products. In our case, we are privileged to enjoy a nearby Parc Agrari. Farmers grow their products here and sell them directly in their stores at the Saturday pagés market. In this way, CO2 emissions are reduced and we help the local economy, paying a fair price for the product.


And we don’t talk just about buying from farmers. There are also producers of soap, handicrafts, wine, which offer great products without the need to move. Even if you want to go to the movies, what better way to do it walking in the Capri Cinema of our city.


2.- Avoid plastics and help maintain the environment

It is increasingly common to travel without plastics. There are countries in the world, such as in Tanzania, where its use is prohibited and entry into the country with plastic bags. Plastic has become one of the most difficult materials to eradicate. Thrown into the sea causes episodes of pollution that destroy biodiversity. Travel without plastic water bottles and recover your old canteen or metal bottles. In addition, they will allow you to keep your drinks cold.

Our friend @FreeBlueOceans is an example that if you want you can change the world, bravo!


On the other hand, consume soap in a tablet to wash your body, thus avoiding packaging. These are some tips that we can apply. Just like if you go to the beach, don’t generate waste. If you smoke, put the cigarette butts in a safe container. Collect all the waste and deposit it in the container so as not to leave any rest of your time on the beach.

Free the WORLD from PLASTIC Photo @FreeBlueOceans


3.- Sign up for experiences that respect animals

One of the experiences that can help most to change the world is to approach the biodiversity of a territory. In this case, in El Prat we have the option of knowing first-hand how animals live in the sea. The CRAM, Centro de Recuperació d’Animals Marins, is responsible for rescuing and caring for sick marine animals or those who have been injured by human action at sea. They propose a volunteer to be able to know first-hand the problem of marine animals. In addition, in its exhibitions you can know the threats of the sea. For us, it is a proposal that if you can make it, write it on your agenda.



4.- If you are not going to wear it, donate it

Do you drag clothes during a trip that you know you won’t wear anymore? Do you have that footwear that you will not use in life and is still almost new? Why don’t you give your clothes or some utensil so that you can extend your life. There is always someone willing to grant a second chance to the garments. And in this case, clothes are always welcome. This also reduces the consumption of CO2 and water, creating a good environment.


5.- To change the world: Spread the word

And there is no better advice than to expand it. Spread the word! Because from one traveler to another, things can flow better. That when you arrive at another destination, you have learned something in the previous one that helps you to be better. And all this, with environmental awareness and sustainable vision. The Planet is only one, and we have ways to change the world.

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