We go on a day trip to the Garraf natural park

The Garraf Natural Park closes the Delta del Llobregat. These are the mountains that delimit the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona from the south and go directly to the sea. Hard-looking, brown and almost desert, this natural park houses naturalistic treasures and other natures. The Garraf is still an unknown place for many of the locals and we love it. Of course, if you go in summer, protect yourself well from the sun and heat. MuchaMasia, the rural hostel urbà del Prat de Llobregat offers you this day trip that you can end up refreshing on the beach.


The Parc Natural del Garraf: the beauty of the indomitable

The first thing that will surprise you is that the place of this place is quite dry. Even pulling to desert in some points. Palmetto is the symbolic plant of the park. It is fully protected and it is totally forbidden to tear leaves. If we keep going into the park, we will be welcomed by the immense limestone rock walls that make up the entire Garraf massif. The vineyard barracks and the dry stone walls are hidden between the white stone and surround old farmhouses and some of the small towns that are in the solitary interior of the park.

Autor Iñaki Relanzón – Web Parc del Garraf

All information about tours of the park and what wildlife to observe, you will find it on the official website of the Park. The fauna that lives in the Garraf Park stands out for the birds of prey and the Mediterranean tortoises. This park is one of the best places to observe the passage of raptors in migration. And on the other hand, he is working on a project for the recovery of the Mediterranean tortoise, a species endemic to our territory and in serious danger of extinction.


A Buddhist monastery that will surprise you

If you look strong, you can climb Garraf by bike from El Prat. It is a good tute, but the reward is worth it. If not, we will inform you how to get to the Natural Park entrance. Beyond knowing the natural and landscape resources of the place, one of the most striking points is the Buddhist Monastery of Garraf. A place that offers guided tours, with the aim of knowing “general aspects of the Buddhist philosophy and the history of the Sakya Tashi Ling Buddhist Monks Community.” Although the tour takes place through some interior areas of the Monastery, the purpose of the visit is not is to delve into the historical knowledge of its architectural construction, but to approach the knowledge of Buddhist history and philosophy in an ideal environment for it “.


Finish the day at the Garraf with a refreshing bath

And since it’s summer and the heat in this area is powerful, there’s nothing better than ending up with a refreshing bath. And the beaches of Garraf are not bad at all. In addition to the picturesque and crowded village of the same name, there are also hidden coves. Some of them, like the Dead Man or the famous Cala Morisca. You can also bathe in the industrial Cala de Vallcarca, or if you prefer more bustle, take a swim in the beach of Castelldefels.

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