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Playa del Prat, the secret of Barcelona

Do you know that near to Mucha Masia there is one of the best beaches in the metropolitan area of Barcelona? A few kilometers from the village of El Prat de Llobregat you can find a vast  unspoilt beach. It is a beach like there were before  without any  buildings around with some beach bars and protected natural areas.

The beach of El Prat is a treasure you shouldn’t miss you in  your visit to Mucha Masia. You can reach it  easily by bike thanks to a bike path that is in front of our hostel. This one crosses the town center and the  fields and after encircling the airport, you’ll get the beach of Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona ).

If cycling is not your thing, there is also a bus, the PR3, which will link El Prat de Llobregat to the beach. Beside,another one called Platja Express works at weekends as a shuttle between the town and the beach.

It is an unspoilt  beach with some areas classified as Red Natura. our  beach provides all basic amenities you need such as lifeguard, beach bars, showers, parking for bikes, an important sailing center and even you can visit the CRAM, the Center for Recovery of Marine Animals.

Ask staff of  Mucha Masia about the beach! They will tell what to do in every season.

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“El Llobregat Delta”

Mucha Masia is in the centre of El Prat de Llobregat, the most important city centre of the Llobregat Delta. El Prat is surrounded by a natural environment unequalled in all the metropolitan area of Barcelona. The Natural Reserves of the Llobregat Delta.


We are talking about a protected environment which has become in one of the main westland zone and it is a strategic point on the bird migration. In the estuary of the Llobregat river and the Remolar reserve of the Llobregat Delta is a haven for wildlife on the outskirts of the city of Barcelona with more than  200 different species of birds. Among the most common birds you can watch are ducks, coots, seagulls, cormorants and predatory birds such as a kind of eaglets.


Not only in Mucha Masia but also in The door of the Delta, we all have enough information, so as you will be able to enjoy our natural habitat in a sustainable and healthy way and you will know about the wealth of the fauna we are surrounded by.


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-La Porta del Delta

-Consorci del Delta del Llobregat


“El Parc Agrari” fields


The fertile lands of the Llobregat Delta have been cultivated for years thanks to some land rich in sediments brought by the Llobregat river and especially its water. The discovery of groundwater Delta has favored a farming orchard with crops that have become icons of the municipality of El Prat  as the artichoke and cantaloupe.

Several families of farmers are still working the land around the city and you can buy their products at different stores and also in” the Mercat del Pagès” (Farmer’s Market) which is held every Saturday morning in the  Pau Casals Square, very close to Mucha Masia

If you come in the growing season of Artichokes , from November to April, do not hesitate to try them in multiple coked ways by local chefs.

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Barcelona and the centre

Surely you’ll visit Mucha Mas with the intention of sightseeing of the city of Barcelona. Our professionals know Barcelona like the palm of their hand. They will tell you how to get it depending on what you want to visit.

You can go by train, which will leave you in Passeig de Gracia in 10 minutes and from there you’ll reach the most tourist area of the city. You can also take the underground which leads you, for example, to Fira de Barcelona and the Camp Nou stadium of Football Club Barcelona, or even  you can  catch the 165 bus line which brings you to the Plaza of Spain, the meeting point of different means of transport to know this beautiful and bustling city.


Ask us about going to Barcelona and we will suggest you the best way, because everything you’re going to do, for sure we have already done before.