La Casa dels Entremesos, where Barcelona keeps the essence of its festivities

Barcelona continues to hide secrets that are hard to reveal. Today we leave you one of them: La Casa dels Entremesos. This place, hidden in a charming square in the old quarter of Barcelona, is where the essence of the popular festivals of the city are kept. Dragons, giants and fantastic beings sleep here. And you can visit to feel watched by these imposing figures.

Entering La Casa dels Entremesos

La Casa dels Entremesos, or hors d’oeuvres, refers to the place where all those festive elements that participate in the popular celebrations are kept. It is the home where giants, big heads, dragons, tarascas or fantastic beings like vibrias rest. The House is in the Plaza de les Beates, a coquettish hidden square right next to the beautiful Mercat de Santa Caterina (which we already recommend you to visit here). This area of Barcelona, known as La Ribera, is full of narrow streets that we recommend you to get lost in.

The Nan Cu-Cut of the Plaça Nova

Feel watched by the giants

When you enter the House you will feel small. Here sleep the giants of the old Barcelona neighborhoods. You will be surprised to find yourself face to face with the famous Gegant del Pi, which gave rise to a famous song, or see in detail the sculptural faces of the giants. Undoubtedly, it is a good place to soak up the history and get to know the popular culture of Barcelona. The architectural design of the Casa dels Entremesos makes you walk among giants almost looking into their eyes.

The famous Gegant del Pi

Dragons and fantastic beings

The giants do not live alone in this house. You can also contemplate, in peace, dragons and fire beasts that rest here waiting for their infernal exits. In addition there is also the Vibria, half dragon half woman, or the Tarasca of Barcelona that throws candy instead of fire. Entering the Casa dels Entremesos is totally free and becomes a nice and quick visit to know an aspect of Barcelona that surely you did not know completely.

La Víbria de Barcelona, half dragon half woman


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