Catalunya in Miniature, travel the whole country in one morning

Baix Llobregat is the region where we live. And many times it has corners that are worth knowing. We believe that not everything goes through the big city of Barcelona. And today’s plan is sure to please you. You are going to know all Catalunya taking a walk, feeling like a giant, by Catalunya en Miniatura. You read it right, the main monuments and places of the community are recreated in this theme park 20 minutes away from MuchaMasia.

A walk through the 4 provinces in miniature

You will feel like a giant. We start the route through the park knowing the main places recreated in miniature of the 4 Catalan provinces. Here the models are made with care and affection by the master model makers. They take care of every detail and have little to envy to the real monuments. Starting with Barcelona you will see the mountain of Montserrat, the monument to Columbus, the Cathedral, the castle of Cardona or the set of Rupit. Passing through Girona you can enjoy the Dalí house, Sant Pere de Rodas, Besalú or the lake of Banyoles. Lleida passes through La Seu Vella or Vall de Boí, and Tarragona through jewels such as Santes Creus or Poblet. You will really love what you see.

The Mountain of Montserrat, in miniature

Gaudí’s Corner

The genius of Antonio Gaudí has a special place in Catalunya en Miniatura. All the buildings made by the architect in Spain are recreated in the park. That’s why you can visit all his work in just a few minutes: Casa Milà, Casa Batlló, the Episcopal Palace of Astorga, El Capricho or Park Güell. If it is already impressive in real size, imagine the details of the models of these works.

Casa Batlló, in miniature

There is also Adventure

As we know that you are also into movement and action, the park offers several options to finish the visit with a bit of adventure. If before you had seen all the monuments from a giant’s eye view, now you can see them from a bird’s eye view. For the older visitors, we recommend the 150-meter-long zip line with a maximum height of 30 meters. Simply drop down to travel at maximum speed to its end.

Catalunya en Miniatura is in Torrelles de Llobregat, a small mountain village 20 minutes away from Mucha Masia. If you want to know how to get there, ask us at reception and we will tell you which train will take you directly.

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