Banksy exhibition in Barcelona

Banksy does not leave indifferent. An artist who has become a banner of urban art, of the demanding mural. And now is the time to visit his exhibition in Barcelona until December 31, 2020. At MuchaMasia we love his work and that is why we want to recommend that you visit “The world of Banksy in Barcelona”.

Who’s Banksy?

Little is known about this author. His date and place of birth are not known for sure. His work, the vast majority of which are satirical pieces on politics, pop culture, morality, and ethnicity, combines writing with graffiti, stencils, and templates. He hides his real identity from the general press. Many newspapers have pointed out that his name could be Robert Banks or Robin Banks, but this rumor could have originated from a joke due to the phonetic similarity between the name, Robin Banks, and “robbing banks”. ). Another suggested name has been Robin Gunningham.

The world of Banksy in Barcelona

Until December 31, 2020 you can visit this exhibition in Barcelona. It is striking that it is not authorized by the author. But we already know it’s Banksy’s stuff. The first part brings together some Masterpieces, 51 original sprays on canvas (small format) that have become an icon of our time: The Flower Thrower, Love rat, Kissing Coppers.

The exhibition with the most immersive part. We read that “the immersive area, with copies of murals that are advertised in real size (not always the case), grouped by location: United Kingdom, Paris, USA, Palestine. Groups the reproductions have been made by graffiti artists who also maintain his anonymity … to continue the game … or because he was ashamed to lend himself to it ”

We already told you that you are not going to be able to avoid taking selfies and gawking at all this exposure. Here you can see how the exhibition was in Paris

How to get to the exhibition?

The exhibition on Banksy is in the Trafalgar Space. And getting there from MuchaMasia is very easy. It is very close to the center of Barcelona. In El Prat de Llobregat you can take the metro Line 9 in El Prat Estació to Torrassa. There you make a transfer on Line 1 to Urquinaona. Right after you walk you walk a few meters and find the Exhibition (calle Trafalgar, 34)

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