Let´s drink a Vermouth in el Prat

Vermouth time is a classic in Mediterranean culture. On weekends people usually stay with friends and family to have a snack before eating. It is a tradition that involves taking a vermouth and accompanying it with some food such as olives or potatoes. Actually, taking the vermouth is a generic denomination that encompasses that tradition. Some drink vermouth, others a beer and others a glass of wine. MuchaMasia is in El Prat de Llobregat, a few minutes from the airport, and snack time is a sacred tradition. Today we recommend some places in Prat to enjoy it.


Cal Pere Tarrida: the birthplace of vermouth and unforgettable anchovies

Right in front of MuchaMasia is Cal Pere Tarrida. It is a century-old winery, run by the fourth generation of the family. The Tarrida are in love with wines and vermouths. Staying on a Saturday or Sunday in Cal Pere for a snack is one of the most entrenched Pratenses traditions. When you enter, the aroma of wine makes you drunk. But the best thing about Cal Pere is that the vermouth they serve is made by themselves. And he doesn’t notice. It is a special flavor, which makes many people go especially to try it.

And if you are going to love the vermouth, you’ll see when you try the anchovies. In Cal Pere they have a secret recipe, with salted and tanned anchovies by hand, with a special touch that makes you end up sucking the dish. And no kidding. Anchovies and vermouth of Tarrida is a Pratense tradition that you cannot miss.

The Vermutería of Marbella

In the same street as MuchaMasia is a recently opened establishment: La Vermutería del Marbella. It is a modern place, with wood finishes and with a very informal treatment. The people of Marbella will make you feel at home. This place is tiny and cozy, but it fills up right away.

In Marbella you will find several types of vermouth and beers. Let yourself be advised by their waiters. There is also a good offer of cold snacks, such as truffle-flavored potatoes. And do not miss the cover of the day, which is offered with your consumption. The potato omelette is very good.


A Prat classic: L’Artesà

The Cafè de L’Artesà is a space created in 1919. More than a hundred years of tradition contemplate this mythical establishment of the Prat. If you want to have your snack outdoors, we recommend this place. In the courtyard of L’Artesà you will enjoy the little sun and an atmosphere of people. It is a cozy place, ideal to mix with the people of our town.

In L’Artesà they serve vermouth, canes and any type of drinks. And many people combine their drink with cockles, mussels or razors. And even the most hungry ask for a serving of white potatoes, which are delicious.


Old bars

And you will also find in El Prat some bars that maintain the essence of always. Of cellar, bustle, of noise. And they also put a lid on your drink. This is the case of the Marina Bar, on the Carretera de la Marina. A place without frills but with a cover that will leave you without hunger. And stop by La Canavera, on Avinguda del Canal, 179. Have we ever talked about them, warm tapas with good beer and good atmosphere.

Vermouths in Mucha Masia

And we can’t stop talking about the vermouths we organize periodically in MuchaMasia. Every so often, we open the MuchaMasia patio so you can enjoy it and you can make the aperitif, always accompanied by good music and with cultural and social motivation. If you are attentive to our social networks, you will know when we organize vermouth in our house.

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