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Discover the secrets of Metro Line 9

We get on the subway to go from one specific place to another, as is logical. But surely you have often thought, what will be beyond the name of a station? What will be on the surface? Line 9 south of the Barcelona Metro runs along El Prat de Llobregat. Connect the Airport with the city. It crosses 15 stations along 20 kilometers. This line takes about 32 minutes from Terminal 1 of the Prat Airport to the University Zone. Along the way, it passes through the municipalities of Prat de Llobregat, L’Hospitalet and Barcelona. Today we are going for a walk along this subway line and we are going to tell you secrets so that a journey is as pleasant as possible. We remind you that the MuchaMasia hostel is connected to the El Prat Estació stop, in the heart of the Prat de Llobregat.

We get on Metro Line 9 at the Airport

Most of you take Line 9 at Prat Airport. Either in Terminal T1 or in T2. People go through airports in a hurry, without repairing buildings that house interesting aspects. Already Terminal 1, shaped like a sword, is surprising and contains a high architectural value. But the jewels are in Terminal 2 of the airport grounds. The great mural of Joan Miró welcomes all who come to Barcelona. It is a work of art that does not leave indifferent and that Joan Miró created in 1970.

Also inside Terminal 2 you will find the famous Botero horse. This sculpture represents a horse with the typical features of Colombian artist Fernando Botero, exaggerating some parts of the body. This place has become a classic meeting point at arrivals for Terminal 2.

By subway through El Prat

After crossing the airport, the metro runs through the urban center of Prat de Llobregat. We have already talked to you in other articles about what to visit and know and eat in our town. At the Mas Blau stop you will find a business estate, where companies such as Amazon, Vueling or Volkwagen are based. In Parc Nou, the metro leaves you at the gates of the largest metropolitan park in the Barcelona area. It is a green area hooked to the airport, in the neighborhood of Sant Cosme. Through this park you can play sports along a marked path between the mall, rest on the grass or play basketball. In spring it is an ideal place to cool off and have a good afternoon.

Prat Estació, our stop

The route of Line 9 continues along Cèntric. Precisely at that stop, as soon as you come to the surface you come across the Cèntric, the largest cultural equipment of the Prat, which houses the municipal library and the archive, as well as an auditorium. In Prat Estació you connect with the train commuter network and you can go to the coast area, to places like Castelldefels or Sitges, or take the train to go to Estació de Sants. It is the station to come to our hostel, since it is only a five minute walk. Line 9 says goodbye to Prat for Les Moreres. In this place you can go to La Capsa, the concert hall par excellence of Prat and a good part of Barcelona. A lot of Boy was born here and adults of Love of Lesbian or Sidonie have become adults. It is also the perfect place to visit the Llobregat River Park and soak up the nature that surrounds our town.


We advance to L’Hospitalet

After passing through the stops of Mercabarna and Parc Logístic, eminently focused on the industrial sector, we arrive at those of Fira and Europa-Fira. These two stops are the destiny of many of you who come to congresses and fairs. It is the epicenter of the Mobile World Congress, Expoquimia or Alimentaria, large competitions that connect in less than ten minutes with our hostel by subway. Imagine if they are well linked that the Fira exit has a direct connection with the entrance to the fairgrounds. It is also a place for those who like to go shopping in shopping centers, which we leave at your choice.

Metro Fira Muchamasia

Line 9 advances through the municipality of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat through the Gornal stops, where it is advisable to stop by one of the bars in this popular neighborhood. La Torrassa is the exchanger with Line 1, the red one, which connects you to the heart of downtown Barcelona. It is a good place to change to reach Plaza España, Plaza Universitat or Plaza Catalunya.


In Collblanc you find the temple

The penultimate stop on line 9 takes us to Collblanc. It is another transfer point, in this case for those who want to take line 5 and reach Diagonal or other places in Barcelona. But the really important thing about Collblanc is that it is the metro stop that leads us to the temple of football: the Camp Nou. The Futbol Club Barcelona stadium is a few meters away from this stop, which breathes football on game days. We have already told you on other occasions what we like football, and the visit to the Barça field you can not miss.

Mucha Masia Hostel cerca del Estadio del FC Barcelona

And Line 9 ends in the University Zone, in the upper area of Avenida Diagonal. University and young atmosphere, in an area where you can stroll through the Cervantes Park or the Maternitat gardens, in addition to eating a frankfurt at the mythical Frankfurt Pedralbes.

This is Line 9, why didn’t you imagine it that way?

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