Five services that stand out from Muchamasia

People say “like, home, nowhere”. But many of the people who have passed through our hostel, say they feel at home when they have visited us. We are proud, but it also helps us to continue growing and offer you the best services. We will explain what are the five services that are most valued by those who visit us. And if you have any suggestions, welcome will be.


MuchaMasia’s Staff

The staff that work at MuchaMasia understand the hostel as our life. We are part of the hostel, just as he is part of us. That is why we like so much to be able to exchange experiences and talks with those who visit us. We have no problem having tea with you, or even accompanying you on a bike trip to the beach. Jordi, Enric, Javi … we are always ready to welcome you with open arms and help you in everything in our hands. You can know more in depth in this post.

Life in Common Spaces

The patio, the lounge, the reception … the places to share life in MuchaMasia are very well valued. We have a patio that we consider to be a real wonder. Cozy in winter and cool in summer. In the courtyard you can regain strength after a day of work and excursions. You can read in the hammocks. Or simply relax with the sound of the birds in our garden, in the shade of an olive tree.

In the MuchaMasia lounge, all the guests share anecdotes or talks. You have free WiFi throughout the hostel. You can also take an infusion or sit and read in their comfortable chairs. Life in common spaces is one of the factors of the integration of all of you.


We are Tourist Information Center

One of the services that you value best is the knowledge we have of the city of Prat, Barcelona and the environment. The truth is that we want you to enjoy the experience of knowing our land. We soak up the news, the cultural and festive programming, how to get to a place … And that is essential for us to be clear.

For a while now, we have been a Tourist Information center, recognized by Turisme del Baix Llobregat, to offer you all the details you want to know. And things and places of Prat de Llobregat, we tell you what it takes.


More services: Kitchen and Laundry

Right next to reception you will see the kitchen. This room is equipped with everything necessary for you and yourself to cook. Microwave, oven, fire, fridge. All the elements so you can prepare lunch or dinner. We offer you oil, vinegar, salt and all the basic condiments. Thus, you do not need to carry them during your trip. We even have a “Everyone for everyone” box where the sailors who leave leave some products so that those who come can use


After so much time traveling, one of the elements that most worries travelers is the fact of washing clothes. When the stays are long, a laundry service becomes a guarantee. In MuchaMasia we offer laundry and drying services for all those clients who request it. Memory and recovery of traditions is also present, and we have an old pica where you can hand wash your clothes, in the old way. And if you want us to iron your clothes so you can go unpolluted to your work meeting or your friend’s wedding, we also do it.


The Good vibes of the Hostel

And finally, and without being strictly a service as such, we highlight the good vibes that the hostel transmits. And we believe that you all agree here. Quiet hostel, leisurely tone, without frights, with kindness … The truth is that lying in a hammock at sunset, sharing a talk with other guests, enjoying an outdoor concert or wanting to learn more about the life of our staff give a plus service to MuchaMasia.

In addition to these five services highlighted by you, remember that we also have bike rental, laptop for guests, beds with individual curtains that guarantee privacy. Another element to highlight are the plugs in the same bed, creating a mini-room, and the lockers just under the bed.


In addition, we organize events periodically that allow you to get to know the people of our town better and enjoy concerts and other very interesting proposals.

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