Eat the world without leaving Prat

Do you feel like eating a special sushi? Or do you prefer to taste traditional Catalan cuisine? When you travel, you feel like trying new flavors. Or experiment with the local cuisine. You even want to rediscover that dish with a different touch. Today we propose to eat the world without leaving our town. In MuchaMasia, the rural hostel urbà del Prat de Llobregat, we advise you on these places with a special touch. To eat! And a good option is to order your food and eat it in the patio of our house.


The reinvented sushi: Sr Kabuto

For some time now, sushi has become indispensable in the gastronomy of all places in the world. This way of eating raw fish has come to us from Japan and has been adapted to each place. In El Prat we find the temakeria Sr. Kabuto. It is located right on the same street as MuchaMasia, just three minutes walk. It has an indoor lounge and terrace, very appealing summer months.


In Mr Kabuto you will find several options of makis and uramakis. In addition, they have other specialties of Japanese cuisine such as noodle soups. We highlight the special Uramaki Ebifry, special with the spicy touch. Of course, if you want to have dinner there you will have to book in advance.

Sr. Kabuto. Carrer de Jaume Casanovas, 67, El Prat de Llobregat,


The best pizzas in the world: Can Pizza

Few resist trying Can Pizza pizzas. One of the most famous dishes in the world is prepared in El Prat in a special way. We do not know if they are the best in the world, but in the area of ​​Barcelona surely. The Comidista says it, in the newspaper El País that you can read here. In Can Pizza they prepare the pizzas with a special wood oven, in addition to doing it with a secret in the flour.


In Can Pizza you can find the most traditional pizzas, and also those that don’t have mozzarella or don’t have tomatoes. La Vaya Trufa, with truffle and gorgonzola, Jack Sparrawgo, with asparagus and eggs, Italian Job or Al Capone are some of the most famous. You will not regret it if you visit this place. Walking is just over ten minutes from the hostel. And you can also try genuine products from Italy such as porchetta and bresaola, which accompanied by a rosma are very good. And for dessert, crown yourself with homemade tiramisu.

You already know: who apizza is not a traitor.

Can Pizza Calle d’Enric Morera, 72. El Prat de Llobregat.


Tacolmado! Long live Mexico!

Recently, a new gastronomic offer has been added in El Prat. The world’s kitchens add Mexican flavors in Tacolmado. It is a charming place, with few tables, specializing in Mexican cuisine. Tacos del pastor, jalapeños, enchiladas and a good assortment of Mexican beers.

If you are lucky, you can sit on the terrace, in the main street of El Prat, and enjoy the transfer of people while you savor Mexico without leaving town.

Tacolmado. Ferran Puig Street, 38. El Prat de Llobregat


The mythical Kebabs in the Aladdin

Kebab has become an already usual dish for many of us. What began as an exotic delicacy, now it is easy to eat it in any corner of the world. In El Prat we propose the Aladdin. They are specialists in Turkish cuisine and here the genius is in the kitchen, next to the kebab meat bar. They prepare kebabs, falafels and shawarmas of vice, in addition to other preparations that are worth trying. And within its Turkish specialty, be sure to try the couscous.

Aladdin Av. Verge de Montserrat, 130. El Prat de Llobregat


Traditional cuisine: La Castellana and El Café de la Rambla

And of course, you can not leave the Prat without tasting dishes of the traditional cuisine of our land. To do this, we propose two options, tapas and classic recipes. The Café de la Rambla is a centennial establishment of our population. It remains almost unchanged since its inception. It houses a large dining room where you can sit and eat traditional Catalan cuisine. Pepe Costa is his cook and is the one who has followed the family tradition initiated by his grandparents. To eat any day, you will have to queue. But it will be worth it.

And we also introduce you La Castellana. It is the best tapas bar in Prat. If you want to try white potatoes, squid, fried artichoke or a good ham, you have to go to the Castellana. Surely you will have to wait to have a table, but you will be delighted.


Café de la Rambla, Avinguda by Josep Anselm Clavé, 14

La Castellana Passatge Arús, 18

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