The 3 best terraces with views of Barcelona

The terraces of Barcelona invite us to enjoy a drink in the open air. A classic of restoration. If the chilly makes us comfortable, imagine if you combine it with unique views. In this post we are going to show you three terraces from the top of Barcelona. In addition, all of them have unique views: Tibidabo, Montjuïc and the city center are unique frames. And you can reach all of them from MuchaMasia.

El Mirablau, the classic terrace of Barcelona

On the Tibidabo slope is one of the most classic terraces of Barcelona. Despite its years of tradition, it is still in full swing. The Mirablau is in the upper area of ​​Barcelona, ​​in a privileged place. This place combines the option of a restaurant, having a cocktail or enjoying the night dancing.

There are three environments of the Mirablau that fall in love because you look where you look, you see Barcelona. And also, if it’s at night, it still wins more spectacular.

To get to Mirablau from MuchaMasia we offer public transport. The journey is somewhat long but it is worth it. You can take bus 65 to Plaza España. Once there, the metro line 3 to Vallcarca, leaves you about 30 minutes walking through the upper area of ​​Barcelona.


Ayre Rosellón: one of the unique terraces in the Eixample

Can you imagine being able to savor an aperitif with direct views of the Sagrada Familia? Well we present the option to do it from the terrace of the Ayre Rosellón hotel. And it is that this place leaves you practically to touch with the hand to the great work of Antoni Gaudí. Undoubtedly, it is one of the pleasures that this hotel in the center of Barcelona leaves you.

Arriving at the Ayre Rosellón is very easy from MuchaMasia. You can take the metro line 9 south, to Collblanc. And there Line 5 connects you directly with Sagrada Familia. Being able to enjoy the Sagrada Familia from a similar height and just in front, we assure you that it is worth it.


Terraza Martínez

If before we have climbed the Tibidabo to be able to see all of Barcelona, ​​now we go up the mountain just in front of the sea. We are going to Montjuïc, of which we have spoken on other occasions throughout our blog. This time we talked about food and a spectacular terrace: that of Terraza Martínez. This place has direct views over the Port of Barcelona and the entire literal facade.

We recommend booking in advance, as it is a fairly popular place. The specialty of Terraza Martínez are the rice dishes. So do not hesitate when you go.

To get from MuchaMasía you have it very easy. You take the bus to Plaza España and you can walk up quietly to Montjuïc, or go up the funicular in Poble Sec.

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