7 sports that you can practice near MuchaMasia

If you like sports, in this post we explain seven sports that you can practice if you stay at MuchaMasia. From swimming to paddle or bicycle. Many times you need to practice sports to disconnect from the routine or to find yourself better physically. In MuchaMasia, the rural hostel urbà del Prat de Llobregat, ten minutes from Barcelona and the airport, we offer you seven different ways of practicing sport. Be ready to burn calories.

1. Running

Call it running, jogging, or going for a run. The fact of going out in the open air comforts you physically and mentally. In El Prat we enjoy a completely flat territory, which favors precisely running. You can choose to run in urban sections or in natural stretches. We have no doubts. We opted to run along the roads that surround the fields or the natural areas. It is a pleasure to be able to run through nature, catching the rhythm of the earth.

Routes that go to the beach, routes that go between artichoke fields, or routes that go parallel to the Llobregat river. Running is cowardly, some said. And we believe that sometimes they are wrong.

2. Streetwork

The Streetwork is gaining strength in recent times. This is one of the most active sports in the urban area. Sports practice machines located in enclosures such as parks, which allow working almost all the muscles of the body. Little more than wanting to play sports you need to practice it.

In El Prat you can find Streetwork centers in the Parc Nou, on the way to the beach and also on the beach.

3. Skate

Skateboarding has become the urban sport par excellence. What began as a suburban practice in the United States has already become a standard practice in all cities. Pipes and loops are already common in various spaces in cities. If you are a skateboarder, in MuchaMasia you are in luck. Just four minutes from our hostel you will find a skatepark of recent creation.

It has been created together with the usual skaters in the area, with several areas of tricks and prepared to make you enjoy the skateboard. So if you are one of those who travel with skate, do not forget it when you come to Muchamasia.

4. Bicycle

Getting around by bicycle in our area is very easy. As the terrain is flat, cycling is highly recommended to reach many places. Some time ago we recommend several bicycle routes to depart from MuchaMasia. In addition, we offer you the possibility of renting bicycles with us. They are green and very personal, but they cool a lot.

Get to the beach, explore the fields, or get lost on the roads … the bicycle is one of the sports that connects you the most with nature.

5. Swimming

A swimsuit in the luggage does not take up anything. And you never know when you’re going to want to take a bath. To practice swimming you have two possibilities, the beach or the indoor pool. If it is summer and the weather is good, we recommend you to go to the beach and swim in the sea.

On the other hand, during the whole year you can use the facilities of the municipal sports center of the Fondo d’en Peixo. There you will find a pool of 25 meters suitable for sticking some lengths and practice swimming. In this installation you can pay a punctual entrance to swim. Swimming is one of the most complete sports there is.

6. Paddle

Paddle is a sport that has become fashionable lately. In our country the paddle every day has more practitioners. It’s fun, social and allows you to exercise. It does not take more than a shovel and fit in pairs in a game that is being disputed. In El Prat de Llobregat you can find the Pádel Barcelona – El Prat. It is right in the Parque del Río, in a natural environment recovered next to the Llobregat. You can reach this center by taking a pleasant walk through the center of town and through the river park. If you like paddle tennis, ask us how you can play, and even encourage us to play with you.

7. The last of the sports: Surf

For some time, we have talked about the possibilities that can be enjoyed on our beach. The Municipal Vela Center offers the possibility of surfing in El Prat de Llobregat. And in that center you can surf, paddle surf, kayak or go sailing with windsurfing, Catalan skate or hobbycat. Do not worry about the neoprene suit, which is offered to you at the center. There are many options to go to the sea.

It is very easy to manage your reservation to participate in Windsurf, Padel Surf, Patí Català and Catamaran activities. Just when you make your bed reservation, you can directly add the option of sea sports that makes you wish. It is facíly.

And if you are a surfer and you have your own surfboard or kitesurf, you throw yourself to the beach and have fun.

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