5 Birds (Aves) of El Delta Del Llobregat

At Mucha Masia we are surrounded by a wonderful natural environment. The Delta del Llobregat is a natural reserve that hosts thousands of birds in its territory. It is a strategic place for the migrations of birds and here any time of the year is good to enjoy ornithology. In previous posts, we have already explained some ways to enjoy this unique environment. Today we want you to meet the birds of the Delta del Llobregat and we highlight five iconic species. In addition, in this link you have maps, itineraries, and more information about the Delta.

Kentish Plover: Bird of the year 2019

One of the most emblematic birds of the Delta del Llobregat is the Kentish Plover (Charadrius Alexandrinus). This friendly little bird, known here as Corriol Camanegre, is from the family of waders. The waders are characterized by feeding on the silts of small invertebrates. The Corriol is easy to see on the beach of El Prat de Llobregat running along the shore in the breaking of waves from the months of April to July. Once it breeds, it migrates south again.

This bird is seriously threatened by human presence on the beaches. The plover breeds in the dunes, and any threat such as humans or domestic animals, causes the loss of the entire clutch. Let’s observe this bird with respect and distance, and please do not bother them.

Precisely, this year 2019, Se0 / Birdlife has chosen the  Kentish Plover as bird of the year in Spain. This initiative aims to raise awareness of this species and make it better known. That’s why we put it in number 1 of our rankings.


The Common Kingfisher

One of the most spectacular birds that you can see in the Delta del Llobregat is the Common Kingfisher (Alcedo Athis); an infallible torpedo in the hunt for fish. This small bird stands out for its impressive bluish and orange colors. Here we know them as Blauet. Precisely when launching for its prey, it looks like a flash or a blue ray that moves at a very high speed.


The Blauet can be seen perched on the reeds of the irrigation channels of the Delta, and also from the observatories of Cal Tet and El Remolar. It is a resident bird, so it can be seen all year round.


The Little Bittern


The Little Bittern is one of the kings of animal camouflage. This bird (Ixobrychus Minutus) is the smallest of the species of herons that live in the Delta del Llobregat. Here we know them as Martinet Menut. They have chosen the Delta del Llobregat as one of the places to breed in Catalonia.

The grace of this species is its camouflage. Erect and with its beak upwards, it conceals its presence as if it were a reed. In this way, it goes unnoticed by its predators. If you want to see the Little Bittern in the Delta, we recommend you observe it patiently from the Cal Tet Viewpoint or from the depuration crates.


The Marsh Harrier

We cannot forget the raptors. These birds always manage to captivate everyone. And, in a wetland environment, the king is the Marsh Harrier. Here we know it as Arpella. The Marsh Harrier (Circus Aeroginosus) presents differentiation between males and females. Specifically, the females are more colorful and easy to detect. Their black and the white heads give them away.

The Marsh Harrier can be observed near the Delta ponds. Generally, it usually appears flying over the reeds and its presence tends to alter the placid life of the rest of the birds. Capturing a hunting scene can be a good reward for a day by the Delta.


Audouin’s Gull

And we close the list of the most emblematic birds of the Delta with the Audouin Gull. This species of gull is seriously enlivened, and only breeds in the Mediterranean Sea. With its delicate situation, the Gaull of Audouin has chosen the Delta del Llobregat as one of its most important breeding points in the world.

Audouin’s Gull visits us from April to August. It has a red beak and black legs, which differentiates it from the other gulls. This bird is easily observable while you are sunbathing, as it flies over the beach looking for food.


More Birds of the Delta

Did you really think that we could only mention five birds? It is impossible. We like the Delta and its biodiversity so much that we could not close the list. We have to mention other birds such as ducks (mallard, duck spoon, white jar), coots, seagulls, mosquito nets or woodpeckers that may also be observed in the Delta del Llobregat.

We recommend that you get to the Delta del Llobregat by bicycle. In Muchamasia we have bicycles to rent and invite you to enjoy the landscape and nature up close and at your own speed. At the door of the natural spaces, you can leave your bike tied and walk until you reach the heart of the protected areas. In a few minutes, you will connect with nature.

Enjoy the Delta del Llobregat and its birds. It will surprise you.


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