Girona, lovely city

Girona is one of the most beautiful cities we know. From its medieval past, its easy to walk through the old town through the houses on the Onyar River or knowing the haute cuisine. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones you will recognize many landscapes. And if you like soccer, you can breathe a first division football atmosphere. Also reach this city is very easy from MuchaMasia. You only have to go by train from El Prat to Sants and once there, an AVE train leaves you in less than an hour in the city. It is a fast and comfortable journey and you will surely love it. As the popular phrase says, we fell in love with Girona. It is an ideal city to go and return the same day, so you can relax in our backyard.

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A city tour

The day trip through Girona can start at the Cathedral. Before accessing it you will have to climb the 90 steps. This building is built in three styles: Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque. The nave of the Cathedral is the second largest in the world and only surpassed by the church of San Pedro in Rome.


Afterwards you can wander through the old town. Among the medieval alleys stands the Jewish Quarter, El Call, where a small community lived until the end of the 15th century. It is one of the best preserved medieval centers in Europe. The tour of the Old Town can conclude in the Archaeological Walk, with the Julia and Cornelia towers; and the Arab Baths.


The Onyar River crosses the city of Girona and around it peculiar constructions have been created. Surely one of the images you have seen most of the city are the colorful houses along the river. They are the famous Casas de l’Onyar, all of them painted according to a unique chromatic scale.

Another attraction of the city are the many bridges that cross the Onyar River. Gustave Eiffel himself designed one. There are four bridges that cross it but two stand out: the Puente de Piedra and the Puente de las Peixateries or the Pescaderías. Both have become symbols of Girona.


For lunch, we propose the option of eating at the KM-O Girona Center, a hamburger restaurant in the center of the city that treats the product of proximity with care and dedication, especially the veal from Girona.


Game of Thrones

One of the reasons why the city we present to you has become world famous is the Game of Thrones series. The fans of this series will recognize many of the scenarios of the screen walking through Girona. Specifically, the sixth season of Game of Thrones. On this website you can visit the places of the sixth season and see them recreated in the series.

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Girona and football

For two seasons, football has been more passionate than ever in the city. Girona FC has become the fashion team of the Football League. The team plays in the Montilivi stadium and has an agreement with Manchester City that allows it to continue growing. Last year they won Real Madrid in their stadium and this season promises good football in the city.

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We are in love with Girona. And as we said at the beginning, getting to this city is very easy from MuchaMasia. You only have to go by train from El Prat to Sants and once there, an AVE train leaves you in less than an hour in the city. Any questions, you ask us.


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