Pick up and transfer by taxi from the airport to MuchaMasia

You are sleepy or you want to arrive at the hostel as soon as possible after a long trip. Or, you have fallen asleep and you can not miss the flight. You even need to be picked up at the MuchaMasia gate and taken to the airport. All this is possible with our pick-up and transfer service by taxi from El Prat airport. You know that we promote the use of daily and sustainable public transport. And putting more cars in circulation we do not think it helps the planet a lot. But we recognize that the taxi service is a qualitative element for our guests who are looking for a little more.

The taxi picks you up where you ask

We believe that a taxi pick-up and transfer service can help you organize your movements more quickly and agilely. You already know that we are very from El Prat de Llobregat, from our town. We work with Radio Taxi Prat, the station of our city. Thanks to their collaboration, we offer a direct pick-up service at the door of the hostel and then they will take you to the airport.

The approximate price of this collection service at the door of the hostel ranges between 18 and 20 euros.

From the airport to home

If you want to guarantee a fair price and a direct transfer from your arrival at the airport to Muchamasia, we also offer you a pick-up service. The system is very easy. Once you have collected the luggage from the baggage area, call us at +34 93 348 58 67 or +34 660 020 179 and tell us your flight number and the origin. We send a taxi that in 5/10 minutes is presented at a set point to pick you up. It is the advantage of a hostel like MuchaMasia, next to El Prat airport.

The pick-up point at the airport grounds will be confirmed. In the T2 it will be in the area just in front of the Joan Miró mural, while in the T1 it is made at the head of underground taxi stops.

And we will make it easier for you. The Radio Taxi Prat vehicles carry our logo, so it will be easier to recognize. The transfer from the airport to Muchamasia can cost you between 16 and 18 euros and it will take 12-15 minutes.

We think that this additional service can facilitate many things. In Muchamasia we work for your comfort.

Because many things happen in a taxi …


  • Wazir Wusu says:

    Hi I have a question how much does a taxi cost round trip from barcelona airport to your hotel

    • MuchaMasia says:

      Hello, Ali Tetrilik,

      Being so close to the airport we have the perfect combination of public transport to reach our hostel, the center of Barcelona, and the airport itself. If you arrive before midnight, you have three options. The first would be the metro, line L9 – Orange, our stop is “Prat Estació” and we are just 500 meters. The ticket costs € 4.6 and has a runs every 8-10 minutes.

      The next option is the bus, You´ll take the line PR1, and the name of the stop is “Dr. Soler I Torrens – Pl. De la Vila”, the ticket costs € 2.3, and is paid directly to the driver runs is + / – 20-25 minutes.

      The last option is the train, (same stop as the subway). The train only runs from terminal 2. You can easily take the frequent shuttle from terminal 1 to terminal 2. The price of the train is € 2.3 and it runs is +/- 30 minutes

      In case of arrival between 00 and 05 am, there are two lines of night buses N16 and N17. The stops are “Ctra. De la Marina – Pau Casals” , when you get off the bus you will have to walk about 8- 10 minutes. The buses run +/- 20-25 minutes and the tickets are bought directly from the driver and cost € 2.3.

      Finally there is the option of the taxi which is the most direct though also the most expensive, 20-25 €, no more!

      We have helped make your traveling a little easier. In case you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us again,


      Thank you,

    • MuchaMasia says:

      Hello, it cost 20 euros aprox. by taxi, but you also have a cheaper option by metro 4,50 euros or by bus 2,60 euros.

  • Samantha says:

    Please could you advise if we can take a bus to the cruise terminal and also how much a taxi would cost on the 15th May fir 2 adults with two small suitcases. Thank you. Samantha

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