Discover the Best Plans for August in El Prat

August is a month with few proposals in El Prat because the cultural agents also take some well-deserved holidays. However, we won’t let you be left with nothing to do, and that’s why we are revealing the best plans for August in El Prat. Guided tours and photographic exhibitions of great interest that you must not miss.

CRAM in Depth

On 10th August, the Marine Animal Recovery Centre, located on El Prat beach, opens its doors to showcase the commendable work it does.

In an activity designed for adults with an interest in the marine environment, its conservation, and the actions that can be undertaken, the centre’s facilities will be visited with a professional perspective. Additionally, restricted areas will be seen, and the origins and functioning of the foundation will be explained.

The visit starts at midday and lasts for an hour and a half. Tickets must be purchased online at For more information, contact or 93 10 10 170.

Exhibition: Castellers del Prat, 10 Years of Castles (2014-2024)

Throughout the entire month of August, you can visit this exhibition at the Sant Jordi-Ribera Baixa Civic Centre. Organized by the Castellers del Prat de Llobregat Association, it is a graphic exhibition of the history of this entity that includes photographs, a display of traditional castellera clothing, posters, and historical information.

One of the identifying features of Catalonia abroad, the castells (castles in Catalan) are part of Catalan culture and have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage.

Exhibition: Summering in El Prat

Another exhibition of great interest, also available throughout the month of August at the Cèntric Espai Cultural, is Estiuejar en el Prat. It is a journey through one hundred years of city and nature images of summers in El Prat. Surely, in the absence of other plans, these photographs will suggest ideas and activities to do in the town where Mucha Masia is located.

Mercat de Pagès

In addition, every Saturday from eight in the morning to two in the afternoon you can go to the Mercat de Pagès. Located in Pau Casals Square, in this market you will find the seasonal products of the Baix Llobregat Agrarian Park sold directly by the farmers.

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