Performing arts for everyone in El Prat

The cultural programming of the Prat de Llobregat is very extensive. If there is no popular culture event, there is a gastronomic one. There are also concerts, plays and many more proposals related to the performing arts. For some time now, the offer has been enriched with the incorporation of the Teatro de L’Artesà. Without forgetting also Capri, our most special and beloved cinema. All this at your fingertips if you stay at MuchaMasia, the rural-urbà del Prat hostel, next to the airport.

The proposal of performing arts at the Teatre de L’Artesà

Recently reopened, the Teatre de L’Artesà is the new reference space for the performing arts in El Prat de Llobregat. It is an enclosure created in 1919, witness to much of the history of our people. With the reconstruction of the old theater, a first level program has been prepared in our city. The next November 9 will be Albert Pla, the unclassifiable artist who will offer his new show. Both music, theater and dance have their space. Another star work of this quarter is Cinco Horas con Mario, the work of Miguel Delibes and performed by Lola Herrera, which is performed on Friday, November 22. Impulso is the work of Rocío Molina on the relationship between dance and guitar, for December 12. You can check the complete program of the Teatre de L’Artesà until January 26 here.


Concerts in La Capsa

La Capsa is the center of contemporary culture of the Prat. It is a reference place for the most urban and current music concerts. This center is another important point for the performing arts in the city and offers a very complete program to enjoy music. This November the role is for George Harrison, the Beatles member. The appointment begins with The Decompositor, a cycle where an expert in Harrison reels his songs to understand their meaning. And on November 29, a tribute to George Harrison is celebrated with The Flaming Shakers, the band from Pratense considered the best in Europe in tribute to the Beatles. And not everything is “beatles”, there is also urban and current music. Like the Blue House concert in January, or a tribute to the Rolling Stone in December. All concerts and activity proposals in La Capsa, are in this link.

Resultado de imagen de la capsa el prat

The Capri Cinema, the Cèntric and the Escola d´Arts en Viu

And if you know little, the cultural offer of Prat de Llobregat is not over yet. If you like movies, you can’t stop going to Capri. It is our cinema, with more than 50 years. It is as always, with a huge, comfortable room, and a unique and unique screen. In El Prat when we go to the movies, we go to Capri. Because for us going to the movies is more than going to see a movie. If you want to know the complete program of Capri and go to the cinema when you stay in MuchaMasia, you can check it on their website.


In addition, there are other cultural proposals that are sure to catch you. In the Cèntric Espai Cultural there are concerts of classical music and also various conferences. And the Escola de Música del Prat, within the Arts en Viu project, programs several concerts every end of the quarter and organizes jam sessions in La Capsa.

Resultado de imagen de torres balcells el prat

Resultado de imagen de centric sala el prat

Teatre Modern i Teatre Kaddish

El Modern is based on the programming of Artesa. It is a scenic enclosure with capacity for 400 people and in which works of a child character are currently held. The representations of cultural entities of the Prat de Llobregat also have their space.

The Kaddish Theater is the most veteran theater entity in the city. They are pioneers of the performing arts. They have always maintained a stable schedule of small format works. The Kaddish is in Torre Muntadas, a palace very close to MuchaMasia, and it is a pleasure to be able to enjoy the works. Check the schedule on this link.

Torre Muntadas

As you can see, if you stay at MuchaMasia you can enjoy the performing arts at your fingertips. El Prat is very cool, and every day, more.

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