Proposals to enjoy Easter in Barcelona

The casuistic calendar has led to Holy Week 2020 being located just at the beginning of April. This means that as planned, Barcelona will smell spring and temperatures will start to be pleasant. They are ideal conditions to visit the city and get carried away by the magic of its streets. The MuchaMasia hostel presents you with some different proposals to enjoy Holy Week in Barcelona. We are connected to Barcelona in a few minutes.


Enjoy Easter sweets in Barcelona

Holy Week is sweet time. Religious tradition is also closely linked to gastronomy. Precisely this time is good to drop by patisseries in the city. You will find French toast but above all, you will enjoy the Easter Monas.

In Catalonia it is customary for the godfather to give his godson a cake known as mona. Formerly it was made with egg yolk and fruits. Over the years it has evolved and triumphs, especially those of chocolate. That is why we propose you to go through several patisseries enjoying the creations of the pastry chefs. Three meter monas, made with chocolate, that recreate famous people. The most famous is Escribá, on the Gran Vía. But we recommend that you stop before all the bakeries and go ahead and eat a monkey.


Approach the beach

In April, you want to approach the sea and absorb the force of the waves and the sun. Don’t feel strange if you come with bath clothes. The water will be cold but there are times for everything, or even for sunbathing. Barcelona has many beaches, accessible and fully urban.

We always throw home and we recommend you visit the beaches of Prat de Llobregat. A unique environment, surrounded by nature, that will allow you to feel more free. Getting to the beach of Prat is very easy. You can do it on foot or rent one of the bicycles we offer. If the bicycle is not your thing, there is also a bus, the PR3, which connects you El Prat de Llobregat with the beach, and the Platja Express, which works on weekends as a shuttle between the town and the beach. In addition, you can consult and book with us at 933485867 different sea activities on our beach such as catamaran trips, catai skis, paddle surfing, surfing, kayaking or kitesurfing.


Climb the mountain


If you have an adventurous spirit, we also advise you to get away from the more urban tourism. Put on some boots, put on comfortable clothes and approach the mountain of Collserola. We talk about the mountain range that presides over the city of Barcelona and also marks the city’s Skyline. The Collserola Tower, the Tibidabo mountain, or Sant Pere Mártir are easily identifiable places all over the world.


Don’t just watch them from a distance and go up to Collserola. You can enter the Communications Tower designed by Norman Foster. If the attractions are cool, go to Tibido Park. If you want nature, enter the roads that will take you to leafy corners that will isolate you from noise or spectacular viewpoints over the city of Barcelona.


Game Play: The Culture of the Video Game

Is the video game culture? The video game industry has become the main engine of creativity, surpassing cinema. In this case, we invite you to visit the Game Play exhibition. The expo is located at the CCCB, the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, ​​in the heart of Raval.

The purpose of this exhibition is also to eliminate that idea that videogames are children. If you are reading, you know that it is not so. Thus we can read that “Neither video games are only for children – the average age of the players is 37 years – nor are they bad ‘per se’. Discover it in this highly playable sample; ‘Donkey Kong’, ‘Gray’ await you , ‘Monument Valley 2’, ‘Pac-man’, ‘Sisyphus’, ‘Super Mario World’, ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Asteroids’, among others. ”

The exhibition can be enjoyed until May 3 at the CCCB.

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