BAUM Fest and Barcelona Tattoo Expo

A new edition of the Baum Fest Barcelona arrives. This contest on urban culture is celebrated on October 4, 5 and 6 in the premises of the Fira de Barcelona. Tattoos, bikeshow, photography exhibitions or urban dance exhibitions are cited over three days at an event that we recommend. We will know better what it offers us. Baum is the apocope of Barcelona Art & Urban Movement. And within this festival, there is the 22nd edition of the Barcelona Tattoo Expo.


The Baum Fest is already becoming a tradition of the city of Barcelona. This event brings together the whole combination of what we know as urban culture. Of all of them, they also highlight the combination of Car & Bike Shows, with a customization of motorcycles and cars. They tell us that “It is undoubtedly an area that arouses the interest of attendees and is that the world of custom fits perfectly with our philosophy of life. Builders, workshops and brands from around the country participate creating a unique space that links the Tattoo area with the main stage. ”

In addition, you will also find spaces about music and urban dances to enjoy the shows they have scheduled. And if that were not enough, you will see exhibitions of Body Painting, Graffitti or Extreme Sports such as BMX. You will find the whole program here.

Barcelona Tattoo Expo

Within the framework of the Baum Fest is the Barcelona Tattoo Expo. In reality, this was the embryo of everything that has come after, encompassing the entire urban culture. But the beginnings were tattoos. The best and most recognized tattoo artists of the international scene meet at the Barcelona Tattoo Expo. They even recommend from the festival organization that you contact the tattoo artists before to be able to have an appointment with them and that they can make you the tattoo you expect.

How to get to the festival?

To get to the festival from MuchaMasia the combination is very easy. It is held at the Fira de Barcelona site, in Montjuic. Taking bus 65 or 165 from El Prat you arrive in 10 minutes to the Plaza de España. Once there, you walk towards the enclosure and you plant yourself in a parakeet. To return home, the same bus brings you to Prat.

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