The Festa Major 2019 starts with different rhythms in MuchaMasia

It is already a tradition. For the third consecutive year, we celebrate in Mucha Masia what we initially call: The Prat festivities begin in Mucha Masia (forgive us for the license taken hehe). Therefore, we organized a festive day on Saturday, September 21 with our 3 Jamaican vermouth of the cycle of 4, with different dance schools in our town and the concert of Joni el Karapapa y los Bhoemios Autorizaos that they are a classic of this day. Music and dance are cited in our courtyard to say that we are ready to live the biggest festivities of our town. We have always celebrated it with the popular and traditional culture of Prat, which we always support and will support, but this year we wanted to give the opportunity to dance and dance schools in our town (maybe some of you can find and discover the activity that you want to perform this year and join these schools) and do it with different rhythms, dances and dances. We wait for you at the Rural Hostel Urbà del Prat just 10 minutes from the airport.


Different rhythms and dances in MuchaMasia

On Saturday, September 21, keep it to enjoy a festive atmosphere. We are warming up engines for the Festa Major 2019 and in MuchaMasia we have been celebrating some previous events that hook many pastors and visitors for 3 years. We will start the day with the penultimate vermouth Jamaican circuit 4, from 1pm to 3pm. Juanska Selector brings us this time to Lord Tanahmed, alter ego of Ahmed Boukarrouh, lead guitarist and co-founder of the Barcelona band Soweto. He will bring his suitcase full of vinyl with the best Jamaican rhythms from his incredible collection. Safety pin!!!

In the afternoon, the dance will be the protagonist. For this, we have had two Prat dance schools that will offer exhibitions of their students. We combine two styles, oriental dances and flamenco dances.

From 19.15 the turn of the oriental dances comes from the hand of Samira Stella. Hindu root dances, belly dance and dances with Arabic touches are the protagonists of a show worth enjoying.

1 ZINGARAS: Samira Stella presents with her students a dance inspired by the spirit of the Roma Gypsy people, it is therefore a nomadic and free dance that is usually accompanied with cheerful tambourines, these dances reflect a way of living and feeling contagiously fun and very cheerful.

2 DANCE WITH SAGGATS: These are oriental, metallic bells that resemble our castanets and play to the rhythm of the music and accompany the steps in the dancer’s dance.

3 DANCE WITH SILK CANDLES: It is the silk veil a widely used element in the entrances and dances of the oriental dancers, emphasizes the movements, involving the magic dance and great expressiveness which makes it an ally to the putting in Very attractive and suggestive scene.

4 ONLY FROM LAUD AND AMANI: Samira Stella and her students will dance to us a piece preceded by a single by LAUD, the main string instrument of Arabic Music and that will continue for an instrumental theme of Oriental Classical cut where the Dancers with their magic Steps will transport us to the winding and far East.

5 ONLY PERCUSSION: Samira Stella and her students will again dance a piece composed of instruments exclusively for percussion and that is usually an explosion of rhythm and technical display of body dissociation, where the connection with the different touches and changes in the musical piece must Be reflected by the movements of the dancer.

6 KHALLEJI: Folk dance of the Arab Emirates and Persian Gulf, which is characterized by delicate movements of the head and small steps in the form of little jumps, and especially for the richly embroidered clothing of the wide tunic, where the body is barely allowed to show of the dancer and that is why the prominence of the expression of the hands, head and neck.


And flamenco can’t be missing. Starting at 8pm, the Mavi Arias and Raúl Alvarado Flamenco School will review some flamenco clubs with dance and live music.




Bohemios Autorizaos

And from 9pm, we have time to dance to the rhythm and good vibes of Joni el Karapapa y los Bohemios Autorizaos. Because they are like home. In MuchaMasia they have shot one of their music videos, and they have accompanied us in several events that we have organized. This time they bring news, such as the premiere of their latest video clip “Ni Príncipes  Ni Caballeros” Until 22.30, we will have the guaranteed pace to have fun with Joni Karapapa (voice and guitar), Rodrigo Búho (Tenor Saxophone), Agustín Espín (Bajo) and Damián Sánchez (Cajón y pad).


The programming of the Festa Major 2019 del Prat

And a week later, starting September 27, the main festival of our town begins. From the initial proclamation to the fireworks castle on Monday 30, you can enjoy many activities. Many proposals of popular culture with castellers, devils or giants. You can go to the fair to enjoy the attractions. And also enjoy scheduled concerts like Bebe, Soleá Morente, Brisa Fenoy or Toreros Muertos. You have all the programming of the Fiesta Mayor in the following link.

Bona Festa Major!

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