Gas Gas, Moto GP race at Montmeló

Motorcycles are already roaring. We know that fans of motorcycle racing are also able to go from one end to another to enjoy the passion. The next 14, 15 and 16 June will be held in Montmeló the motorcycle racing world. And we believe that staying at MuchaMasia is a good option if you are going to come to Barcelona to enjoy the bikes.

Montmeló, an engine temple

The Circuit de Catalunya is located in the town of Montmeló. This town is 40 kilometers from Barcelona and 45 minutes from MuchaMasia by motorbike. The circuit of Catalonia is one of the world references in all motor competitions. In the Montmeló circuit, the great prizes of Formula 1, Superturismo, resistance and others are held. But today we focus on the three days from June 14 to 16. Motorcycles are the protagonists with the Moto 3, Moto 2 and Moto GP races.

Montmeló from the air


In Montmeló you can enjoy the great figures of motorcycling such as Marc Márquez, Alex Rins, Jorge Lorenzo or Valentino Rossi. Motorcycles make you vibrate. They make you enjoy the roar of your engine. If you breathe gasoline, this appointment is inescapable.


Stay in MuchaMasia and sleep with the motorbike

Last year, several bikers who attended the grand prize of motorcycling stayed with us. That’s why this year we want to repeat the experience and that Mucha Masia is open to bikers. And we make it easy for you. We let you ride the bike to the house. In Mucha Masia we let you keep the bikes in our yard, safe and secure. In addition, it is the best place to relax after an exciting day at the races. Can you imagine, after a long day in the sun, being able to relax in our patio, under the shade of the trees, drinking a cold beer? Well, we offer it to you.

Enjoying a  beer in the patio before going to see the Moto GP races at the Montmeló circuit

On a motorcycle along the shores of Garraf

And if you find yourself in a free space, take the opportunity to go on a motorcycle through a unique spot: the Garraf coast. We propose you to go by motorcycle from Mucha Masia towards Sitges. You can do it by the C-31 road, the Castelldefels highway. This historic road becomes the path of SMEs through Viladecans, Gavà and Castelldefels. When arriving at this town, you have to follow the C-31 towards Sitges, skirting the coast along a spectacular road. It is full of scenic spots ideal for contemplating the sea. You can stop in the pretty village of Garraf, in Cala Morisca or get to Sitges by motorbike to have an aperitif.

The garraf


Do not miss the opportunity and make your reservation to stay in MuchaMasia if you are going to Montmeló.

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