Alojate en MuchaMasia en la Fira aVicola del Prat

The Pota Blava is the king of El Prat.

The Poultry Fair of La Raza Prat arrives. We live in a town that has its own animal and we celebrate it. Since the end of the 19th century, a special, majestic chicken, with slate blue legs, has become our symbol. It’s the Chicken Pota Blava, which only grows in our town and some surrounding places. It maintains an agricultural tradition, which still survives in some farmhouses. Once a year we dedicate a fair to Chicken Pota Blava.


The Poultry Fair of La Raza Prat

The next 14th, 15th and 16th of December is the 45th edition of Poultry Fair of La Raza Prat. Best specimens of the Pota Blava breed are exhibited at this fair. More than 80,000 people are expected to visit us. So if you stay at MuchaMasia that weekend, you can not miss this appointment.

The Fira is held in the La Ricarda Farm. It is an old 19th century dairy rehabilitated and prepared to be the fairground. Walking, in a straight line, you will arrive in 15 minutes. There you will find chickens. But also a commercial sample, street shops of crafts and food, diverse performances and Christmas atmosphere.

We will not miss. We will be there, because we are pota blava. And we are del Prat.

By the way, we remind you how is a pota blava chicken.


Blue Legs

A chicken with blue legs? Something like that exists? Yes. Exists. And it is the animal symbol of our people. It is the Chicken Potablava, a majestic and solemn chicken that is only raised in our area. The chicken is raised in farmhouses (like our house) and its meat is considered a delicacy of kings.


How is a Pota blava Chicken?

The chicken Potablava is characterized by its lion plumage, with feathers in the tail of green and metallic reflections. The crest is bright red and the beak is dark. But what stands out about this chicken is the blue color of the legs and fingers. For this reason, it is known as pota blava (in Catalan, blue legs). The potablava chickens are fed with 70% of cereals, with a minimum breeding period of 90 days. Growth factors are prohibited. Outdoor living, with a density can not exceed 8 specimens per square meter. The chicken Potablava lives like a king, and that translates into the flavor.

Alojate en MuchaMasia en la Fira aVicola del Prat

Why do we like the Potablava?

We like chicken Potablava because it is our chicken and it is the symbol of Prat de Llobregat, because we are known as Potablava and because its meat is thin, honeyed and fat-free. This chicken represents the survival of a centuries-old agricultural tradition in our city and we like that it does not get lost. If you notice, at the reception desk you will see a teddy chicken called Poti.


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